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Custom Acrylic Glass Picture Prints

Personalize and modernize your décor easily and affordably with acrylic glass photo prints, giving your living or working spaces an eye-catching focal point. Acrylic glass generates rich, vibrant colors that give a photo depth, unlike many other standard picture displays. This depth of field effect is very effective with the display of brightly colored pictures. Wall art in acrylic glass can consist of underwater scenes, natural landscapes, and more.

Our Custom Glass Photo Prints

The photo prints on glass we produce can give your photographs a brilliant and elegant appearance. The process of printing on acrylic glass involves a high-definition replication of the image that creates a unique and stunning glass photo print. Also, the glass used allows for displaying a picture with a lit background to enhance visual appeal and clarity.

The colors on an acrylic glass photo print display with greater gloss, vividness, and contrast. Traditionally, acrylic prints have been present in photography studios, art galleries, and modern condominiums. However, recently these glass picture prints can be found in residential homes and offices. At POEM Design Co., we produce exceptional quality glass prints with the photo printed directly onto the acrylic panel. The result is a professional presentation that is sure to impress family, friends, and other guests.

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Place your order today online for your custom glass picture prints. For any questions about the photo prints on glass we offer, call us today at 701.509.8466 or use our contact form to drop us a message.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Beautiful light filtering acrylic

36" x 24" prints are beautiful. The ability of acrylic to allow some filtered light through makes a photo magical as well as interesting. They hang nicely on the wall with velcro picture hangers so there is no damage to wall. POEM is responsive and does a good job.

Diego Urrea
Very Good

very good work as always, excellent print quality