POEM Design

"Beach" with Arrow Metal Wall Art

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Sizes: 14”

QUALITY MATERIALS Our metal pieces are made from 16-Gauge, 1/16-inch-thick, laser cut aluminum plates. They of the highest quality and is covered by a lifetime warranty.

EXPERT CRAFTSMANSHIP Each piece is fabricated in the USA in our Native American-owned North Dakota based design studio by a seasoned and gifted metal artisan.

PERFECTLY SIZED: Available in several different sizing options ranging in length from around 14 inches to 24 inches, this metal piece will strike the perfect compromise between size and style to accent the surrounding decor without overpowering.

BUILT TO LAST: Coated in a selection of vibrant colors, the metal piece can be easily color matched to the surroundings

THE PERFECT GIFT: A truly special and long-lasting way to celebrate any occasion. The uniqueness, style and durable nature of the product underscores the importance of the event and will last for a lifetime.

Sizes: 14”