Creative and custom engraved cutting boards in maple, cherry, and walnut

Cutting Boards

Whether you're looking for something special to give as a wedding present or just want a unique way to show someone special how much they mean to you, a personalized cutting board is an ideal choice. For something with a little flair, go with one of our standard laser-engraved cutting boards.
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      Custom cutting boards from POEM make the perfect gifts

      POEM Design offers a wide selection of cutting boards and chopping blocks, with designs created by in-house artisans and constructed with top-quality wood types. Whether you need wood-cutting boards for your home or looking for a perfect gift, we have elegant and custom designs. Our personalized cutting boards can be engraved with custom, personalized patterns and a family name, or choose from one of our unique designs.

      Our custom cutting boards are available in a variety of sizes and three hardwood options—maple, cherrywood, and walnut. They’re also perfect for a variety of uses, including charcuterie, serving platters, butter boards, or even individual plates.

      Do you have a bamboo cutting board?

      Bamboo may be a popular choice for cutting boards, but it's not the best option. Bamboo is softer than other types of wood and can easily become scratched or gouged. This makes it difficult to keep clean and sanitary, as bacteria can accumulate in the scratches and crevices. Additionally, bamboo wood absorbs moisture more readily than other woods, which leads to warping over time. For these reasons, bamboo cutting boards are generally not recommended by professional chefs or food safety experts. Additionally, cutting board laser designs can cause splintering with such a loose wood grain pattern. Bamboo has many good uses and offers an important ecological advantage, but doesn't make for long-lasting cutting boards. Someday we may offer a bamboo cutting board, but for now, it isn't the right material.

      Things to consider when choosing a cutting board from POEM Design

      Create a personalized cutting board or choose a unique design.

      Choose from one of our unique templated designs, or personalize it with a name, monogram or special recipe. Giving a cutting board laser-engraved as a gift has never been so easy. Just hit the "Customize Now" button and you'll be asked to enter the information you’d like engraved. This design is great for anniversaries, and weddings, as a closing gift for realtors, or as a housewarming gift. We also offer the option to deliver the cutting board in a gift box with a display stand and cutting board oil.

      The Perfect Present

      Giving a cutting board as a gift is an excellent way to show someone special how much they mean to you. These cutting boards can be used as a cheese board, serving platter, or even just a sign in the kitchen. Larger boards work well as a cheese board, and small and medium boards can be used as serving boards. The smallest personalized cutting boards work as a great way to share a message in the kitchen and make it feel more like home. Personalized cutting boards make for an excellent gift for a variety of occasions:

      • Wedding gift
      • Anniversary gift
      • Mother's day or Father's Day

      What size of Personalized Cutting Boards is right for you?

      Three different sizes are available: small (9"x12"x.75"), medium (11"x17"x.75"), and large (15"x20"x1.25"). Our largest, most popular customized cutting boards are big enough to serve as a charcuterie board, cheese platter, or serving tray. The larger two engraved cutting boards also include juice grooves. The small cutting board is an attractive option and great for smaller countertops in cabins, boats, and apartments.

      Our custom cutting boards come in three types of wood.

      The lightest option is maple, which works great in kitchens that feature light colors. Cherrywood is slighter and darker in color with light orange to red hue. The engraving shows up most notably with this type of wood. Walnut, our darkest wood, is our most popular choice. These high-quality materials mean that these heavy-duty custom cutting boards will last.

      Your Custom Cutting Board - Made with pride in the USA

      Each engraved cutting board from POEM Design is proudly made in the USA at our Native American-owned workshop in Minot, North Dakota. Prior to shipping, each board is treated with a food-grade mineral oil beeswax enhancing the appearance and preserving the natural wood for years to come. They make great wedding or anniversary gifts.