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Making Gift Giving Personal with a Customized Gift

Making Gift Giving Personal with a Customized Gift

There’s nothing like a personalized gift, whether you are giving something special to a loved one or a friend. Customizing a gift conveys an extra special meaning to the recipient and will be remembered for a long time. At POEM Design Co., we offer an array of personalized gift options, including crystal cubes and ornaments, acrylic and aluminum photo prints, and the “Ramsey” tree of life sign.

Personalized Monogram Metal Signs

We offer various metal monogram options to display family letters and a name. These monograms can enhance your décor (interior and exterior), displaying your name or letter(s) in a highly visible fashion. The designs we offer in these monogram signs include square personalized last name door hanger, split letter monogram metal sign, personalized last name monogram metal wall sign, round personalized last name date sign, POEM Studio personalized last name sign, and personalized wedding metal sign with last name.

Customized Last Name Metal Signs

With a customized last name metal sign, you can give a newlywed couple a gift that helps them display their family name. Or you can purchase one of these signs for yourself or your family and display it in a prominent place in your home. These split letter monogram metal signs are the ideal gift, no matter the recipient. Made from high-quality steel, they offer an artistic and beautiful presentation to your name, whether you place them indoors or outdoors.

3D Engraved Crystal Gifts

We can create a striking 3D portrayal of your important, treasured photograph within a crystal cube through our innovative 3D conversion process and laser engraving capabilities. The finished product will show an exact replica of the image in your photo with stunning realism. Choose one or more crystal cube photo engravings as a special gift to commemorate any special person or occasion.

Tree of Life Customized Name Signs

Enhance the décor in any living space with a personalized “Ramsey” tree of life monogram. You can hang or set this piece inside or outside – for example, on your front door or somewhere around your front entry. This tree of life name sign is a way to represent your family tree and its growth over time. It is a unique gift to consider for occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, the birth of a baby, and other special events.

Custom Glass Photo Prints

Modernize and customize your décor or the décor of a loved one or friend in an affordable manner with acrylic glass photo prints. These glass prints help you establish a focal point in a room or add a touch of class and elegance to spruce up an interior design. The acrylic glass allows vibrant, rich colors that give the photo excellent depth, unlike other general photo displays. With the glass in place, you can also include a lit background that enhances the visual clarity and appeal of the photo.

Custom Metal Pictures

With a custom metal photo print, you can capture treasured memories of a person or wonder moment in your life. These prints allow you to display eye-catching scenes with various vibrant color options that produce a brilliant, luminescent image with great detail. Specially coated aluminum is used as the base for these prints and effectively reflects the image in these photos, resulting in a sharp, life-like display.

Get Your Personalized Gifts Here

For personalized gifts that touch the heart, check out the various gift options we offer, from crystal cubes and ornaments to acrylic and aluminum photo prints to the “Ramsey” tree of life sign. Order on our website today. For more information or to ask us a question about our products, call us today at 701.509.8466 or reach us through our contact form.

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