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How the Tree of Life Celebrates Family Connections

How the Tree of Life Celebrates Family Connections

The tree of life is a symbol that appears worldwide and throughout different cultures and religions. As a universally recognized symbol, it represents the idea of a strong, solid source of life and the interconnection between all people.

The Meaning of the Tree of Life

If you think of a tree, there are many different elements involved in the structure. First, the tree itself is a symbol of growth and strength. The roots also anchor the tree firmly in the earth and form the foundation. Next, you have the branches. These branches expand the size of the tree, adding to its ability to give shade, grow leaves, and produce fruit. 

All the elements of the tree work together to sustain its life. The roots provide the anchor in the soil, the trunk forms the tree's foundation, and the branches and the leaves are necessary to bring in the light to keep the tree growing. The fruit is there to continue the tree's life cycle by starting saplings wherever those seeds may land.

The Family Connection

Adding metal wall art signs that include the tree of life is a way to keep in mind that our families are just like those trees. There are foundations, structures, and branches that spread out and expand our families in our communities and worldwide.

At POEM Design, we offer several different styles of the tree of life metal wall art. They are a great gift idea for anniversaries, weddings, or special events. You can personalize the tree of life by choosing the size, color, and even the shape of the tree for the ideal gift for yourself or somebody you love. 

For information on our customized tree of life wall art, connect with us online.

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